Title Managed Account Overview Let professionals manage your money if you don’t have time, experience and proven research The concept of a managed stocks/forex/commodities account is simple. For a person without the knowledge and experience, or time, to trade for themselves, a managed account allows them to have professionals manage a portion of their funds. Most wealth management advisers worldwide suggest an allocation of funds to various financial markets based on an investor’s risk tolerance, age, account size, etc. We agree with that basic premise. We propose realistic returns in context of many years of research and its successful application While the concept of managed accounts is simple, the successful implementation, over a long period of time, isn’t as simple. We have taken care to develop systems that produce positive results with years of testing. While one can easily find offers on the internet for “Monthly returns of 25%”, we suggest being very careful of such offers. Just do a quick calculation. Assume a $10k investment is compounded at 25%/month for 24 months. A nice $2.1M account. While this would be very nice, ask yourself “Is this reasonable?” You have 100% control of your account and we manage your funds by limited power of attorney If you decide to participate, the first step is to open an account with a world-class broker, where only you have control over your funds. You can deposit and withdraw your funds at will. You can chose to work with us, or not, at any time. You have 100% control over your account. We manage your account through a limited power of attorney which only gives us the ability to trade your account. Nothing more, nothing less. Again, you have 100% control over this limited power of attorney. Fee and highwater mark policy Our fees are an administrative fee of 2%/year, allocated monthly, and a performance fee of 30% of profits. The performance fee is based on any new highwater mark of your managed account. Highwater mark is simply the highest value of your account since inception or since the last time a performance fee was paid. So on a monthly basis a performance fee is charged only on the amount of profit that your new total account value exceeds the previous total account value. We recommend world class broker Choosing a forex broker is critically important for a managed account. We are familiar with and have traded with a majority of major brokers worldwide. Our choice is Gain Capital UK (forex.com/uk). They are one of the largest, most established and well respected brokers in the industry. They provide adequate leverage, tight spreads with minimal slippage, and almost instantaneous trade execution. They also have a very robust back office and customer support team. They are an ideal partner for our managed account program. For more information visit their web site at forex.com/uk.