QuantSapiens A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is followed by Artificial Life

We develop the algorithms required to mimic emotional attachments, joie de vivre, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence within the framework of A.I.  This makes Human-Machine interaction less foreign, less artificial and more pleasant for all.


Natural Language Interface


Personality Manager


Emotional Intelligence




Currently we are developing algorithms.  Products will be announced in the near future.

Work is being done in preparation of two modules. One for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and another for creativity (CQ).  These models will interface with Deep Learning Modules to complete Artificial Life.


Emotional Intelligence Module is required for creating a personality within a Machine.


The Creativity Module is related with the ability of the Machine to infer new relationships, analogies within and among fields, problems, issues.  This is the internal source of personality migration. Machine Personality also migrates naturally according to external data being presented.

Huffman Personality Manager

Unlike us, Machines have their personalities on their sleeves, that is, with the right tools, one can inspect all the tendencies, conflicts taking place within their electronic/photonic/spintronic minds.  Tools are needed to review and manage personality migration.

Natural Language

Natural Language processing module

Visual Pattern Recognition

Visual Interface couples to both the Natural Language Module and the EQ module.

Voice Recognition and Patterning

Voice recognition couples to both the Natural Language and the EQ modules.