QuantSapiens A.I. is a byproduct of analytical Big Data manipulation in fields of Cancer Researh and Asset Management.

Emotional Algorithm Research.

The understanding of financial markets or Genotype-Phenotype relationships can be done in a prescriptive manner or by giving Algos the ability to fall in love with the field of research.  How to give an Algo a reason for being such that it can take the initiative to seek and intraject all the relevant information while being able to fall in and out of love with a given Stock, Financial Sector or Genetic Vector.  

The development of Emotional Algorithms is a natural answer to this problem.  The question can only be answered if one can understand how we, Human Beings, fall in love with a field. Emotional Algorithms have as much to do with Machine Learning as with Psychology.

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Machine Life will become an extension of Human Life, with the caveat that Machines will live as long as there are Machines who can carry their Personas.